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The story behind women's day
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monica silva
Mar 8, 2017
On 8 of March, in 1857, the workers of a textile factory, which is located in the town of North America in New York, made a big strike occupying the whole plant and have started to demand better working conditions, such as reducing the amount of work per day to ten hours (it was required 16 hours of work per day), equal pay with men (women received up to one-third the salary of a man to run the same type of work) and fair treatment in the workplace. The event has been repressed with full violence. Women have been stuck inside the factory, which was given to the flames. About 130 women have died carbonized in an act totally inhuman. However, only in 1910, during a conference in Denmark, it was decided that 8 of March would have been the "International Women's day" in honor of the women who have died in the factory in 1857. But only in 1975 , through a decree, the date was made official by the United Nations (UN). 
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Good day everyone bright smiles to all women but also to the women's sides of males ;-)

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Monica Silva is a brazilian born photographer specialized in psychology portraiture. She is based in Milan, Italy and is available for job assignments anywhere
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