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The reading matter
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monica silva
Apr 27, 2018
Some days ago a very young man neacted very badly whe I asked him what kind of book he was reading latelly. He answered: I don't have time to read books.
I was shocked! Maybe because I couldn't live without books or maybe because literature really inspires  me and I can’t comprehend who don’t read books.
Anyway, here’s an interview about books.
Have a nice day!

 MONICA SILVA [fotografa-artista]
Monica Silva da anni svolge workshop sulla psicologia del ritratto in Italia e all’estero base solida sulla quale svolge i suoi lavori. Predilige ritrarre i soggetti attraverso una profonda l…

Monica Silva Photography

Monica Silva is a brazilian born photographer specialized in psychology portraiture. She is based in Milan, Italy and is available for job assignments anywhere
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